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Costly Good pal,

When you want to double (even triple) the money you make out of your product sales letters… whereas lowering your writing time in half and eliminating all the stress, frustration, and overwhelm you feel writing copy now, then this letter will current you methods.

Proper right here’s the story:

My title is Ben Settle and, about 14 years previously I was a broke, decided copywriter in so much debt I was nearly bankrupt. I barely obtained paid one thing for writing copy. And even after I did get work, I’d stare at a clear show display screen for days questioning what to say, or begin. I’d then spend quite a few weeks raiding my copywriting books and swipe file for inspiration… solely to complete up further overwhelmed, further confused, and further crippled with “analysis paralysis.”

Nonetheless you acknowledge what the worst half was?

After all that time obsessing and stressing over my copy…

My Adverts Would Barely Convert

Or Make ZERO Product sales At All!

I was a whole failure at copywriting.

And, points obtained so dire, I couldn’t even pay the lease or automotive value anymore.

Then, identify it luck, future, and even “divine intervention” if you want… nonetheless I obtained a reputation from an Net marketer who had be taught a bunch of my copywriting articles (I was a sort of hacks who taught copywriting, nonetheless didn’t do it effectively myself). And, he equipped me a possibility to jot down down an advert for a extreme ticket (and unproven) product the place he would pay me 50% of the product sales if the letter labored, and nothing if it didn’t.

Prolonged story fast:

Since I needed money quickly and didn’t have time to spend weeks and months writing the copy, I decided to carry out somewhat “experiment” to jot down down the advert ahead of normal.

It was, in some methods, the opposite of what an entire lot of gurus have been instructing.

And, I didn’t really assume it’d work.

Nonetheless, I figured I had nothing to lose (my adverts sucked anyway) and tried it. So with just some days to spare… I quickly created the advert using my experimental methodology for researching and writing copy fast. The advert was far from good. Nonetheless, (as a result of the patron talked about) it was “ample” to run, and we mailed it.

The consequence?

That One Merely “Good Ample” Product sales Letter

Paid Me Additional Than Ample Money

To Pay Off My Car And Totally different Overdue Cash owed In One Shot!

Nonetheless that’s not all:

The product sales we made off that sloppily-written advert have been so huge, the patron and I attracted three method partnership companions from the US, UK, Australia, and completely different nations who wished to utilize that advert to advertise our product to their lists, too.

And I wanted to marvel:

Was I really on to at least one factor with this way of writing adverts that let me bypass weeks (and even months) of labor, stress, and tediously obsessing over my copy? Or, was this only a few kind of “one hit marvel” that solely labored for that particular product and file? So I immediately examined this new parts on one other copywriting gigs.

And guess what?

Not solely did I knock that duplicate out in report time, too, nonetheless…

These Totally different Product sales Letters

Made Even Additional Money!

After that it was identical to the floodgates opened.

Writing adverts turned unbelievably fast & easy with product sales pouring in.

My methodology gave me so much free time, colleagues referred to as me a “slacker.”

And, purchasers started trying to find me out to jot down down their adverts. (As an alternative of me trying to find them out.) In plenty of circumstances, they didn’t even want to see my portfolio. They’d each bought one factor from one amongst my adverts and wished to hire me because of they knew I wrote the copy (like 7-figure copywriter and millionaire investor guru Mike Dillard did). Or that that they had seen a sign of how I labored (identical to the world chief in self safety teaching Captain Chris Pizzo did). Or they merely seen how I utilized this new method of writing copy to completely different peoples’ adverts (identical to the “founding father” of Online advertising as everyone knows it Ken McCarthy did).

Anyway, my “slacker nice” methodology depends on two points:

  • Jail Profiling Evaluation

Significantly, doing evaluation based on how positive laws enforcement firms “profile” and get contained within the heads and psychology of serial killers, terrorists, and completely different jail masterminds.

I figured if it actually works for attending to “know” the damaging guys, I’ll use that exact same methodology to get contained within the heads of my prospects so I’d know exactly what theyre pondering, what they want to buy, and what to SAY to advertise them. Reality is, once you acknowledge “what” to say, it doesn’t matter all that so much “how” you say it. Quickly written adverts which might be merely “ample” (and even downright sloppy) might make you a ton of product sales and beat increased copywriters (who spend rather more time writing their copy than you) you most likely have the very best evaluation. And what I did was, I found get this evaluation fast and use it to jot down down my adverts even sooner.

  • Dumbed-Down Simplicity

What I suggest by that is this:

I decided to throw out all the troublesome 50+ stage copywriting checklists, formulation, and templates all the gurus have been pushing. I had little query these points labored for them. Nonetheless all that “noise” merely made points further overwhelming for me, and made the complete copywriting course of take method too prolonged. So as a substitute, I “reverse engineered” exactly how a few of the world’s prime copywritersdevelopment their adverts (that none of them seem to point out, for some function) and broke it down into 5 easy steps even a pissed off and overwhelmed newbie like me could adjust to.

The consequence?

A ridiculously straightforward technique to jot down copy fast — that moreover makes loads of product sales.

In precise reality, some people I’ve confirmed it to…

Have Accused My Copywriting Approach

Of Being “Too Straightforward”!

Is that true?

I don’t know, presumably.

What I do know is, my product sales letters using this system have collectively made tens of tens of thousands and thousands of in product sales in quite a few the very best niches on the planet (like golf, weight discount, self safety, and biz opp) the place I’ve competed in the direction of further proficient and harder-working copywriters. Think about it or not, a few world class copywriters are even on report saying I make them jealous (like Ryan Healy, world class copywriter for quite a few important financial publishers like Agora Financial & Lombardi Publishing) and even “pissed off” (like Ray Edwards, who has crucial e book of “Who’s Who” Online advertising guru purchasers on the web) because of I make it look so fast and simple.

Listed under are a few examples of what I’ve carried out with this “slacker” copy methodology:

  • Written administration adverts which have run for as long as Eight years straight. It’s terribly unusual for controls to ultimate Eight months so much a lot much less Eight years — nonetheless I’ve one working now throughout the MLM space of curiosity that’s been worthwhile since 2007 with completely different (more-talented) copywriters failing to beat it.
  • Created a headline that ran for quite a few years as a banner advert on all the large conservative data web sites that worth afortune to advertise on (like Drudge, NewsMax, and so forth). Entrepreneurs often ought to protect testing mannequin new headlines on web sites like these every few days and even weeks to make a income. However, this one headline I wrote using my “slacker” copywriting parts ran for years straight and was solely taken down because of the patron retired.
  • A product sales letter I wrote for the burden loss space of curiosity using this system remodeled the front-end at 40%! That’s full file measurement vs product sales amount — along with to ice chilly Fb guests in arguably the Net’s finest space of curiosity.
  • Made a start-up golf agency properly over $200okay month-to-month quickly banging out adverts with this system. They don’t use these adverts anymore because of the golf guru they’ve been constructed spherical left. Nonetheless, this agency stays to be a few of the well-known golf companies on the Net due partially to the product sales letters I wrote that helped assemble it from the underside up. (Higher half: I knew NOTHING about golf after I wrote these adverts. I didn’t should. My methodology let me evaluation and write the adverts in only some days with out prior experience.)
  • Took one excellent direct product sales agency from nabbing a .Eight% response to over 1.6% response. That will not appear like a lot, nonetheless to that agency it meant many tens of thousands and thousands of extra in product sales to them and their members, and tens of 1000’s of in commissions to me.
  • Most simply currently, I created a product sales letter for a golf agency I’ve half possession in that brings us $5.85 shoppers. The guests man on board says in all his years of working an entire bunch of holiday makers campaigns (he works for quite a few essentially the most prolific entrepreneurs throughout the home-based enterprise space of curiosity), he’s under no circumstances seen chilly guests convert like that.
  • Been invited to point out options of my copywriting methodology to quite a few the worlds most prestigious direct promoting companies. Paying homage to Agora Financial ($200 million publishing agency who already hires the proper of the proper copywriters on the planet)… expert radio producers at Entercom (certainly one of many largest radio broadcasting companies in america)… assorted seminars and events the place people pay as a lot as $10okay just for a seat… and the annual Oceans 4 Mastermind — the place 7, Eight, and 9 decide firms pay me and three of my colleagues to put them on a “scorching seat” — transforming their adverts in a single day.


Copy Slacker

No, it obtained’t make you an “A-list” copywriter.

(Although I’ve gotten testimonials from assorted A-list copywriters.)

Or maybe a so-called “world class” copywriter.

And, whereas I identify it “slacker-friendly”, that doesn’t suggest you can be lazy. It nonetheless takes onerous work and some time. It merely doesn’t take nearly as so much work and time as completely different strategies.

Even so, I contemplate it might really help anyone (every raw newbies and seasoned professionals alike) jack up your response… reduce your writing time in half… and nearly do away with all the nagging frustration, stress, and confusion you feel when writing your adverts now.

Nonetheless, this product may very well be very expensive.

And, it does NOT embody a money-back guarantee.

If that gives you acid reflux disease dysfunction, then I counsel looking for a further “typical” and/or cheaper copywriting product, e book, or course, as a substitute.

(There are undoubtedly heaps to pick from.)

In another case, that can enable you resolve, proper right here’s a “sneak preview” of what’s inside:

  • A fast and environment friendly method (taught by intercourse therapists to males with erectile dysfunction) to get better from the clear net web page hump and kill writers block ineffective.
  • How one can create immediate notion about you and your product in your copy once you’re merely starting out and no particular person is conscious of who you is likely to be.
  • How one can use your rivalss product testimonials to advertise YOUR merchandise.
  • A memory teaching technique that can get your prospects daydreaming regarding the product you’re selling, and unable to get it out of their heads!
  • An admittedly weird (nonetheless super environment friendly) technique to advertise wildly expensive merchandise with just one or two sentences!
  • How one could make even primarily essentially the most outrageous and hyped-up claims sound 100% believable.
  • The bragging with out bragging product sales letter secret (seen in lots of aged Kung Fu movies) that means that you can boast about your merchandise, suppliers, or your self with out sounding like an smug douche bag.
  • An old school door-to-door product sales tactic that makes people want to buy merchandise they didn’t even initially want!
  • How one can create such an intense urgency to buy in your adverts that peoples arms will really shake attempting to kind their financial institution playing cards into the shopping for cart!
  • The “house of horrors” methodology to quickly digging up gold nuggets of valuable market evaluation… and likewise…



You’ll Make Tons Of Product sales

Regardless Of How Good

Your “Writing” Is!

You’ll know exactly what they want.

Exactly what to say to them.

And, exactly ship your message in primarily essentially the most “product sales nice” method.

Anyway, that’s certainly one of many points Copy Slacker displays you: How one can “profile” your market like this so that you acknowledge further about them than their very personal mothers.

Plus, I’ll moreover current you these completely different little-known evaluation solutions:

How one can get Nielsen (the large TV viewers evaluation agency) to do market evaluation in your product sales letters… A “tried and true” method of realizing everytime you’ve carried out ample market evaluation… A market evaluation “cheat sheet” (I give to consulting purchasers who pay me $15,000 a pop) that’ll let you recognize exactly what phrases to utilize in your adverts to make the utmost amount of product sales… The “circling the desk” evaluation trick (utilized by a copywriter who focuses on writing extreme ticket merchandise) that means that you can do market evaluation twice as fast as a result of it often takes…

Nonetheless we’re merely getting warmed up.

Listed under are some further of the invaluable solutions inside Copy Slacker:

  • The sales-destroying mistake copywriters make who use surveys to do evaluation. (The GAP agency as quickly as made this blunder and it worth them tens of tens of thousands and thousands in product sales.)
  • How worthwhile political campaigns use copywriting to get even full morons elected to public office.
  • The exact number of syllables your phrases should have once youre selling to extraordinarily sensible people.
  • What A-Report copywriters (who work for crucial spam and Net publishing companies on the earth) discuss with each other about copywriting… nonetheless nearly under no circumstances give attention to publicly! (Hint: It ain’t one thing engaging or “sneaky” like NLP or completely different persuasion ideas you look at in most books. As an alternative, they discuss this one issue even the proper copywriting books and applications ignore or just gloss)
  • The worlds most-feared negotiators secret (used to vendor $500 million dollar gives in firm America) to creating sure your product sales letters are on a regular basis 100% thrilling and attention-grabbing.
  • A bizarre (nonetheless ridiculously environment friendly) method of using a unprecedented canine leash to create adverts that win even in the direction of increased “written” copy!
  • The 1960s Mad Man interval secret to writing headlines that get people eagerly learning every phrase of your product sales letters.
  • The naked-man-in-the-woods headline tactic of an Eight-figure incomes copywriter that retains readers glued to your adverts — even once they’re being bombarded with texts, ringing telephones, Fb messages, crying infants, and completely different distractions.
  • Fbs secret swipe file for writing adverts so environment friendly it’ll get people nearly mad at you for interrupting their day because of they are going tot resist learning your product sales pitches!
  • 11 “newbie proof” headline templates (with real-life examples) which might be…


Listed under are rather more copywriting secrets and techniques and methods patiently prepared for you inside:

  • A sneaky method to utilize your competitors companies to advertise yours! (I as quickly as did this in an advert for a martial arts school and his new member rely glided by the roof.)
  • A 6-word “Earlier Reliable” product sales letter opener anyone can use, that works for practically any advert you may ever need to write down.
  • Barely-known (and 100% free) technique to get quite a few the best writers on the planet (who know your exact market increased than any copywriter ever will) to jot down down huge chunks of your copy for you.
  • Basically essentially the most “fail proof” technique to jot down adverts ever invented. (Straight from the one that primarily based Sears — and nope, it has nothing to do with being creator.)
  • The devils backbone secret to creating boring merchandise sound 100 situations further attention-grabbing.
  • A 15-second product sales letter design trick for making your adverts as a lot as 10x’s easier to be taught and buy from. (And don’t worry, no design or software program program talents wanted — when you may select and daring phrases alongside together with your mouse, you’ll be able to do that!)
  • How one amongst Americas prime product sales trainers spins the worst flaws and damaging options of companies into purple scorching causes to buy!
  • How one can promote to “fire respiration” skeptics in your product sales letters.
  • How discovering out the nice copywriter John Caples can get you in approved scorching water. (Disclaimer: I am an infinite John Caples fanboy and contemplate every copywriter should analysis his work. Nonetheless, there’s one thing he did in one amongst his further well-known adverts that, once you do it instantly could get you fined by the federal authorities or worse! Particulars inside)
  • A “magic bullet” technique to…



Proper right here’s what else you’ll uncover inside Copy Slacker:

  • How people are neurologically onerous wired to be persuaded. (This knowledge has been used to generate huge portions of money by everyone from vicious propaganda machines to worldwide peaceful religions proper right heres use it to make a ton of product sales in your adverts.)
  • A secret place to get free prime notch copywriting critiques. (Many of the world’s highest selling copywriters go to these equivalent people for critiques for his or her very personal adverts.)
  • The back-asswards” order by which quaint copywriters wrote their copy that crawled inside their purchasers psychology and nearly tormented them until they bought!
  • When having a less expensive value can hurt your product sales, your branding, and even your fame!
  • How one can receive a copywriting shoppers persona and voice into your adverts so it sounds exactly like them in your copy. (While youre a freelancer, this would possibly nearly do away with re-writes, changes, or annoying time-consuming edits.)
  • A Harvard psychologist’s secret methodology for mentally disturbing your prospects into wanting to buy out of your adverts.
  • How one can legally and ethically borrow proof and credibility from completely different people to make your adverts further believable and persuasive. (Hint: You presumably can see this in movement once you be taught the bestselling e book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.)
  • The exact best measurement a product sales letter or business have to be.
  • How one can spin horrible, traumatic, and painful points that happen to you into high-pulling product sales copy.
  • How one can (ethically) inflict psychological ache in your prospects in your adverts… and make them far more potential to buy your merchandise. (The great A-list copywriter David Deutsch as quickly as did this to advertise a dry, boring e book just a few matter most people couldn’t care a lot much less about — take into consideration how properly it might really work with an attention-grabbing product!)
  • The drug provider product sales letter opener that works like crazy to get people to be taught your adverts prime to bottom. (This works so properly you nearly needs to be cautious in another case you would possibly get plenty of folks looking for out of your product sales letters who arent even prospects for what youre selling!)
  • 12 strategies to jot down down bullet components that “seep” correct into your reader’s psychology and…


We’ve obtained even further copywriting solutions found inside, along with:

  • How one can open your product sales letters so that you just slip correct earlier your readers pure, built-in product sales defenses.
  • The “fables & fairy tales” secret for writing adverts which might be so darn persuasive they are going to usually work even on individuals who discover themselves ineffective set in the direction of what you prepare!
  • How one can use dusty outdated textual content material books to offer your self immediate credibility when selling an unproven product with no monitor report or testimonials.
  • Worst attainable place to put a testimonial in your adverts the place they are going to actually work in the direction of your product sales.
  • Among the best emotion to focus on in your adverts. (Some people attraction to greed some to concern nonetheless others to anger, or envy, or lust, or pleasure. Nonetheless this emotion blows all of them away and makes your adverts nearly fail proof.)
  • Among the best on daily basis habits new copywriters should develop to benefit from money as fast as humanely attainable. (Doing this obtained me employed by three of my most worthwhile purchasers, and it mechanically makes you a further persuasive creator, too.)
  • The one issue you’ll be able to do instantly to make your adverts nearly instantly further responsive. (The late spam guru Dick Benson insisted that is possible one of many best points you’ll be able to do to your copy to pump up your response right away.)
  • Among the best kind of music to be all ears to when writing adverts.
  • How one can harness damaging feelings & reminiscences to jot down down adverts sooner.
  • How one can get people scorching to buy out of your product sales letters with out using any exact claims.
  • And a whole bunch further, along with:

How one can use a unprecedented copyright uncover to right away banish “writers block”… A quick and proper technique to know with near certainty in case your copy is likely to be profitable with out working a single check out… Among the best part of an advert (not the headline) to separate check out right away… The exact best place to deal with objections in your product sales letters… How together with merely 1-2 fast strains of copy to your product sales letter’s first net web page might make it instantly further persuasive… The trick to creating your adverts pull further product sales by telling people NOT to buy… and much, much more.

Anyway, I’ll go on and on, nonetheless proper right here is the deal:

Copy Slacker is a 4.5 hour prolonged “crash course” (chances are you’ll be taught in a single sitting, when you choose) taught by video and MP3 audio. It’s out there in a small “bare bones” (nothing pretty or fancy, the reality is it’s butt ugly) bundle — consisting of some DVD’s and a thumb drive with all the recordsdata on it for easy loading on to any laptop computer or gadget. The info is designed to be consumed (and utilized) fast, and can be utilized to any kind of product sales letters you write — on-line adverts, offline adverts, video adverts, and even Kindle adverts.


Proper right here’s a bit of favor of what’s inside these bonus motion pictures:

  • How one can “jimmy” your adverts to make even super expensive merchandise seem low-cost.
  • How one can create urgency in your adverts once you don’t have a troublesome deadline.
  • The outdated time “fire & brimstone” preacher ‘s secret to writing adverts that make people anxious to buy from you.
  • How one can double the power of your purchaser testimonials.
  • How one can uncover the proper “hook” in your advert…and know everytime you’ve found it.
  • A strong “twist” chances are you’ll positioned on refund ensures that makes your present very onerous to resist looking for from.
  • What under no circumstances to say in a product sales letter once you’re selling to girls.
  • A secret method to utilize the Bible to make your adverts further responsive.
  • How one could make further product sales by firming down your adverts and claims.
  • How one can use copywriting to help flip your Kindle books into best-sellers.
  • Two strains in order so as to add to your copy that may make the rest of your advert further persuasive.
  • How one can add “style” to your sentences so all of the issues goes correct into your reader’s psychology.
  • How one can know what kind of tone to utilize in your copy.
  • When important your adverts alongside together with your strongest claims can destroy your product sales.
  • How one can protect the attention of people with hyper low consideration spans.
  • A secret method of using political elections to make your adverts further worthwhile.
  • How one can counter sticker shock once you value extreme prices.
  • A secret copywriting trick utilized by weight discount adverts to make your product stand out in crowded market places.
  • Recommendations on promote suppliers with product sales letters.
  • The “jerk on the BBQ” secret for making nearly any product further attention-grabbing.
  • not reply the cellphone if you happen to want to make further product sales.
  • What to jot down down in photograph captions in your adverts for highest response.
  • Weird (nonetheless true) insights into write product sales letters to ice chilly guests.
  • How one can get expert Hollywood screenwriters to jot down down just a few of your copy for you with out paying them.
  • How one can use the exact same trick expert select up artists use to pick up girls (who often would uncover these guys repulsive) to close far more product sales in your copy.